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Two Cents

"If I had a feminine side, I'd never stop touching it."

-Eli Marienthal's 14-year-old character, Tucker Pierce, in NBC's new "family comedy" Tucker, as quoted by's Diane Snyder.

"I gave eight years of my life to this community. I missed the Seinfeld
era because of Thursday- night meetings."

-Departing words of former councilwoman and convicted felon Cori McCain to Castle Rock, Colo., Mayor Al Parker, four days after being sentenced for defrauding a town bank of $269,000.

"Welcome to Temptation Island, Fox's answer to the Stanford Prison Experiment."'s Bill Wyman's comparison of the Fox show to Prof. Philip Zimbardo's controversial psychological experiment of the 1970s.

"The latest appalling, offensive, amoral, how-low-can-we-go TV stunt is called Temptation Island. Not surprisingly, it's on Fox."

-The Boston Globe's Matthew Gilbert.

"If this is reality, where are all the ugly people?"

-The New York Times' Julie Salamon on "reality" television.

"This new show's regular time slot.affirms that UPN will flash just about anyone, however young, to attract a crowd."

-The Los Angeles Times' TV critic, Howard Rosenberg, on UPN's Gary and Mike.

"A spokesman for the late Mr. Chekhov said the playwright is considering legal action."

-The Chicago Tribune's Steve Johnson on the shortcomings of NBC's new sitcom, The Three Sisters.