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Two Cents

"There's eight people making out at the same time kinda in the same vicinity, I don't want to say orgy—but I just said it."

UPN's America's Next Top Model
creator and host Tyra Banks, on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, about an incident that happened on her show.

"I think we are all tea-leaf readers, and when you have someone in the middle of a fall from grace, and such a public figure, I think you want to watch how he handles it—with either dignity or not."

Good Morning America
producer Shelley Ross to USA Today's Peter Johnson on the upcoming Michael Jackson trial.

"If Les Moonves was a contestant on this show, he would have been fired by the third episode. And, unlike most people, I like Les Moonves."

Donald Trump, business executive and star of NBC's The Apprentice, to TV critics gathered at the TCA press tour, as quoted by the Los Angeles Times.

"One of the things I've learned, is my story is one of millions [about] children who are neglected, abused, treated badly."

Anne Heche, of Lifetime's movie Gracie's Choice, to the Associated Press about her own story of child abuse.

"I knew I had to leave Will & Grace
to promote my 2004 album. I was just hoping that my character, Leo, didn't leave a pregnant Grace behind. I could have been the most hated man in America. She's America's sweetheart."

Harry Connick Jr., on his departure from Will & Grace, to the Chicago Sun-Times' Cindy Pearlman.

"Talk about walking to the beat of your own drum. I mean, this guy was born in a snare drum."

Comedian Richard Lewis, on Curb Your Enthusiam's Larry David, to The New Yorker's James Kaplan.

"Men simply always get theirs first. They always get the first on everything. They got five [shows] before we got one. I feel extra privileged to be the one who got to do this first."

Ilene Chaiken, producer of Showtime's The L Word, about her new show, to the Boston Herald's Amy Amatangelo.