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Two Cents

"When Norman Rockwell was painting, the bats were wood, the uniforms were wool and there wasn't any cable television. Not to be flippant, but these kids today grew up on SportsCenter and the Internet. No one puts baseball cards in their bicycle spokes anymore to hear the flapping sound. It's a different time. We had to change."

Stephen Keener, president and CEO of Little League Baseball, to The New York Times on the increasing television coverage of the Little League World Series.

"Back in the day, he had edge. He was kind of a rebel."

Tom Calderone, MTV executive VP of music and talent, to the Associated Press's David Bauder on Johnny Cash. Cash was nominated for six Video Music Awards and received one at last week's ceremony.

"Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish? I know it's tuna. But it says chicken. By the sea."

Jessica Simpson to new husband Nick Lachey on MTV's Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.

"You can get incensed about Temptation Island's attempts to break up couples, sure, but what's a little love test, really, next to Joe Millionaire treating America to the sounds of oral sex? And then there's the little matter of Paradise Hotel, which was like Temptation Island for slow learners."

Steve Johnson, Chicago Tribune, on Temptation Island 3.

"Someone I know who tried out for a Temptation Island-type reality show told me she didn't make the cut because the producers said she was too bright."

Adam Buckman, New York Post.

"How big is the demographic gap between Buffy and Bonanza? Younger viewers probably think Ponderosa is a rock group and Little Joe is the lead singer."

Dusty Saunders, Rocky Mountain News, on two of the many TV marathons scheduled for Labor Day.

"Take comfort in knowing The Real Roseanne Show has officially been canceled. Mind you, some have suffered mild psychological damage from taking in that sad series."

Melanie McFarland, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, on late-summer TV.