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Twitter Hashtags Take to the Screen

Twitter has become
a popular social media site in the television industry; so much so, that networks are starting to add Twitter hashtags to the bottom of the TV screen
during the shows, TV Guide

In a recent Glee episode, the hashtag "#Glee"
ran at the bottom of the screen. This was done in order to set an "official"
hashtag to promote the use of Twitter in a more uniformed way.

"We've noticed shows like Glee and Idol trend while the show is on,
but fans often use different hashtags," says Joe Earley, Fox marketing
president. "We thought if we provided the official hashtags, then more
posts would aggregate." Fox will continue to use this promotion on Fringe, Bones and Breaking In.

Twitter has been used for advertising before, but
networks are now pushing the idea further. Comedy Central used Twitter to
promote Comedy Central Roast of Donald
with the official "#trumproast" hashtag, which was used more than
27,000 times on the site during the airing.