Tweets From Oprah's TCA Session

Reporter asks Oprah a question she says she's never been asked before. She pauses a moment, then begins 10-minutes-and-counting monologue.

@sepinwall Bonus time! Oprah just invited an extra question! #somebodytellmykidswhatIlookedlike

@sepinwall Uh-oh. I think she's got a second filibuster in her. #oprahlikestotalk

@sepinwall Our long national nightmare is over.

Heard Oprah say "I will never be on 25 years!" Could be talking about her current TCA appearance.

Every day, #Oprah talks to 700 people. Do you think they get a word in? #TCA

Can someone give me an official time for Oprah's monologue at #TCA? I need to know what I'm looking to beat next Tuesday.

@ShawnRyanTV Can someone give me an official time for Oprah's monologue at#TCA? I need to know what I'm looking to beat next Tuesday.

I loved this Oprah line during her 25 minute answer: "I can't remember what I've said or haven't at this point." #tca #OWN #oprah

If you look under your seats, you'll find printed transcripts and a cd with the answers Oprah just gave.

@HitFixDaniel I want an "Oprah 18:15" t-shirt. RT @sepinwall: Confirmed: the#oprahfilibuster lasted 18 minutes and 15 seconds.

@HitFixDaniel Starting in 2012, OWN will go commercial free, with Oprah talking 24 hours a day. #oprahfacts

@HitFixDaniel Don't ask me how, but Oprah has been on the dais longer than OWN has been on TV. #oprahfacts

"There's where I am. Loving the recognition of who I am." -Oprah. Figure that one out, kids. #oprah

I feel like Oprah is looking at me. I'm looking down so that I'm not
struck down. And she said unto us, "Look away." What am I even typing?

@BastardMachine Oprah just allowed another question. I just used my Oprah pen to stab myself in the ear.

@BastardMachine I think she's choking me like Darth Vader right now. I need air, OWN people! Crank up the air conditioning!

"Everyday I speak to my own focus group of 700 people." Oh, I bet they love that.

@BastardMachine First Stedman reference! It came at the 7 hour 46 minute mark.

@BastardMachine "That's where I am. Loving the recognition of who I am...." Oh, that's it. Where's the bong?

@tvoti Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of my nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished.

@tvoti Oprah and I are in the dorm room, and it's 3 a.m., and this is all pretty deep, man. #tca

PS after being at this panel I now understand why Piers Morgan's 45 min interview with @Oprah turned into a 2 hour marathon. #TCA#CTAM

@danielletbd "Purpose in celebrity is completely lost for me." - @Oprah. Yeah, we'd guess that's right. #OWN #TCA #CTAM

@danielletbd I feel like I'm at a college commencement address. This is so much better than Jay Roach's speech at USC 2005! @Oprah #OWN#TCA #CTAM

@sononick Those discussing how long Oprah is taking to answer a question during #tca apparently have never seen An Evening with

@mikeylikestv Oprah says "gynie," not "gyno." #Ladies

If I could, I would mass-RT every critic during Oprah's panel promoting OWN. Adult class clowns vs world's richest "teacher." Everyone wins.

Discovery ID just announced new mystery show -- figuring out what question Oprah was just asked.

Oprah is talking about how "self-awareness" and how that doesn't mean she's in love with herself. Self-aware... like Skynet. #TCA

@BillBriouxTV TCA court reporter transcribing Oprah just exploded