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TWC Offers Business-Class Perks

Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) has rolled out a customer loyalty program called PerkZone that provides access to a range of tools and special discounts on products for small business owners.

Among them, the Discounts & Deals area provides discounts and special offers from companies such as OfficeMax, Lenovo, and ZipCar, and enables TWCBC customers to access the offers and make purchases directly via the Web-based PerkZone platform. PerkZone’s Ideas & Community platform provides TWCBC customers a forum to review news and trends, share ideas and read success stories from other companies.

“PerkZone extends the benefits of being a business class customer beyond our telecommunications solutions,” said Stephanie Anderson, SVP and chief marketing officer for Time Warner Cable Business Services, in a release. “Customers have expressed a desire to connect with each other to solve business problems.  PerkZone provides information on how technology can help their businesses, lets customers connect with each other to solve problems, and gives them access to great deals from other leading companies. It’s another way to demonstrate our commitment to helping our customers succeed.”

Time Warner Cable Business Services serves approximately 625,000 business customers throughout Time Warner Cable's service areas.