TWC Media Rolls Out KernelConnect

Time Warner Cable Media, the ad sales arm of Time Warner Cable, said it has completed the rollout of KernelConnect, a campaign performance measurement tool that integrates anonymous aggregated linear TV data as well as digital advertising and third party data. 

The platform, it said, provides clients with transparency into their media investments by providing an accurate count of impressions to allow them to dynamically insert ads and optimize campaigns in real time by better understanding the analytics behind their media buys across screens.

TWC Media said KernelConnect features anonymous census-level viewing information, helping to provide for better quantification of every TV impression across all digital mediums including linear, iPad, and mobile screens. Additionally, KernelConnect can aggregate near real-time data across multiple platforms including display, TV Everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics and other third party data.

Each day, the measurement tool sorts and integrates over 180 million records across five internal and external sources, and collects 100 gigabytes of data and more than 150 terabytes of collected, processed and stored cable set-top box data, TWC Media said. The data is then combined into one dashboard, allowing clients to accurately measure and strategically adjust campaigns in real time to increase return on investment with their target audience.

“KernelConnect is a ground-breaking campaign measurement platform designed to capture TV impressions and equip our advertisers with comprehensive analytical data that helps them understand how their campaigns perform,” Joan Gillman, TWC’s EVP and chief operating officer, media services, said in a statement. “By providing complete transparency into their campaigns, we remove the guesswork to offer a clear view into their media investments. The national rollout of KernelConnect illustrates our commitment to helping clients achieve their marketing goals.”