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TWC Greenlights Green Initiative

Time Warner Cable said it plans to reduce its carbon intensity by 30% by the end of 2016.

Tied in, the MSO said it measures all three emissions scopes laid out by Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol, a broadly used international accounting tool to manage greenhouse gas emissions. TWC will assess its carbon intensity starting early 2015 and focus reduction efforts on fleet management and energy efficiency.

Earlier this year, TWC said it had achieved a 38% carbon intensity reduction, surpassing a 15% two-year goal set in 2012.

The new goal includes a plan to invest in fuel efficient vehicles and continue strategic partnerships such as EPA Clean Cities Clean Fleets. In addition, the company will aim to reduce cooling power consumption, pursue LEED elements in all new buildings and seek new renewable energy opportunities.

Also by 2016, TWC plans to complete its first Water Footprint Analysis with the goal of developing a water-usage reduction plan.

"TWC had great results in our previous goal to reduce carbon intensity so we’ve doubled our goal to 30 percent for 2015 through 2016,” said David Flessas, Time Warner Cable’s SVP of network operations and executive lead of TWC’s Go Green initiative. "TWC is committed to making a positive impact on our environment and will continue to raise awareness about sustainability and environmental issues. We’re excited about the new goal and look forward to bolstering our efforts in the green space.”

Separately, the SCTE’s Energy 2020 initiative has established targets that include a 20% reduction of power consumption a unit basis, a 25% reduction in energy costs on a unit basis, a 10% reduction of grid dependency and an optimization of technical facility and data center footprints by 20%