TWC Debuts Contextual Copy-Splitting

A new ad-targeting technology is in The Weather Channel’s forecast for Monday.

The network said it will unveil what it calls contextual copy-splitting, which enables it to deliver ads to the most relevant audience through copy split by either state, DMA, time of day/time zone or weather conditions.

TWC offered the following examples:

• A packaged-goods advertiser can arrange its creative according to a particular time of day or time zone, promoting one product during daytime hours and another around dinnertime.

• A large retailer can use the geographic component of contextual copy splitting to target key areas where a promotion is being run.

• An automaker can promote a truck or sport-utility vehicle and a targeted message based on DMA, time of day and weather trigger, while running creative featuring its cars to the rest of the country.

Contextual copy splitting also includes the capability to plan and change the ad message based on weather conditions likely to influence buying decisions, TWC said.

“Best of all, we know it works,” executive vice president and general manager of TWC Media Solutions Paul Iaffaldano said in a prepared statement. “Consumers are up to 125% more likely to remember an ad targeted by this technology than a customary plain vanilla national schedule.”