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TWC, Comcast Also Will Credit Subs Knocked Out by Sandy

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Dish Network and Verizon Communications have each promised to provide credits to customers who lost service in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, joining Cablevision Systems in extending gestures of goodwill to those in the path of the deadly storm.

According to Cablevision, which said about half of its New York-area customers lost power, subscribers will receive credit for the period of time their service was disrupted by the storm.

Comcast has adopted a similar policy, saying customers can contact customer service to identify the time period during which they did not have access to Comcast services to receive a credit.

“We will work with each customer who contacts us so we can be sensitive to their specific needs and circumstances,” Comcast spokeswoman Jenni Moyer said.

Time Warner Cable is extending the credit to any customer whose service was disrupted, whether because of a power outage or another reason. The credit is prorated by the number of days of the outage. (Photo above: A TWC technician repairs a line damaged by the storm.)

“If we have folks out more than 30 days, we’ll continue to credit them,” Time Warner Cable spokesman Alex Dudley said in an email. “Hopefully we will have everyone restored well before that.”

TWC also is not charging for any damaged equipment. The MSO is asking customers to return damaged equipment, even to a technician they find working in their neighborhood, Dudley added.

DirecTV joined the bandwagon Friday afternoon, announcing via its official Twitter feed that it is offering credits for customers who lost TV service as a result of Hurricane Sandy. The operator directed customers to call (800) 531-5000 for more information.

Dish Network, for its part, will “work with each customer on an individual basis to assess their situation and to address issues they may be facing,” spokesman John Hall said. “We understand many of our customers in the Northeast are facing extremely difficult conditions and we are sympathetic to their needs.”

Verizon Communications also said it plans to extend credits for affected customers.

"We routinely credit our customers when they’re out of service, whether for power outages or other reasons where service has been impacted. We will of course do the same for those affected by Hurricane Sandy," spokesman Bill Kula wrote in an email.

The telco has said it will repair or replace any equipment damaged in the storm without any charge to customers, according to information on its website (opens in new tab).