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WWLP(TV) Springfield, Mass.

Price: About $128 million

Buyer: LIN Television Corp., Providence, R.I. (Gary R. Chapman, president; Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc., about 70% nonvoting owner); owns 18 other TVs

Seller: Gary R. Chapman, Bristol, R.I. Chapman, who is president of LIN, granted option to buy wwlp to the company when he bought station in January (B & C, Jan. 17)

Facilities: Ch. 22, 4,170 kW visual, 417 kW aural, ant. 877 ft.

Affiliation: NBC

WSAH(TV) Bridgeport, Conn./parts of New York

Price: $37.5 million cash

Buyer: Azteca America Inc., Visalia, Calif. (Harry J. Pappas, chairman/owner); is buying at least seven more TVs, including KUSK(TV) Prescott/Phoenix, Ariz. (see next item). Pappas owns 18 other TVs and KMPH-FM Hanford/Fresno, Calif.; has CPs or has filed for CPs to build 16 more TVs

Seller: Shop at Home Inc., Nashville (Kent E. Lillie, president); owns five other TVs.

Note: Shop at Home paid $16.2 million for WSAH-TV in a deal that closed in June 1999

Facilities: Ch. 43, 2.5 kW visual, 2 kW aural, ant. 620 ft.

Affiliation: Shop at Home; to be Azteca America

KUSK(TV) Prescott/Phoenix, Ariz.

Price: $6.818 million

Buyer: Azteca America (see preceding item)

Seller: KUSK Inc., San Francisco (William H. Sauro, president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: Ch. 7, 8.79 kW visual, 1.76 kW aural, ant. 2,814 ft.

Affiliation: Ind.; to be Azteca America

Broker: Kepper, Tupper & Co. (seller)

Construction permit to build KUTH(TV) Logan, Utah

Price: $4 million

Buyer: Equity Broadcasting Corp. (EBC), Little Rock, Ark. (Larry E. Morton, president; Arkansas Media LLC, 39.3% owner [Judith Fess, Mindy Roberts Hooper and Sandra G. Morton life trusts, each 33.3% owners]; Henry G. Luken III, 28.4% owner; WinStar Communications Inc., 5.8% owner [Nathan Kantor, president]). EBC owns/controls five TVs, including KBCJ(TV) Vernal/Salt Lake City, Utah, four FMs and three AMs, and has interest in KBCA(TV) Elk City/Oklahoma City, Okla. EBC's directors also are directors of Kaleidoscope Foundation Inc., which has applied to build 10 noncommercial TV stations, including one in Salt Lake City

Seller: Logan Ch. 12 LLC, Logan (Jeff Jacobsen, manager; Valley Channel Broadcasting Inc. and Uhlmann/Latshaw Broadcasting LLC, each 50% members); no other broadcast interests. Uhlmann/ Latshaw owns 51% of KMTF(TV) Helena, Mont., and KCWY(TV) Casper, Wyo.

Facilities: Ch. 12

Construction permit to build KBCZ(TV) Holbrook/Phoenix, Ariz.

Price: $110,000

Buyer: Venture Technologies Group LLC, Los Angeles (Lawrence H. Rogow and Garry A. Spire, both managers/47% members); owns 68.7% of KBCB(TV) Bellingham/Seattle, Wash., has interest in three other TVs, including kbcz. Rogow owns 50% of KAZG(TV) Ogden/Salt Lake City, Utah

Seller: Ch. 11 Television LLC, Franklin, Tenn. (Bruce E. FOX, manager); KM Communications Inc. [Myoung Hwa Bae, president/owner], WinStar Communications Inc. [Nathan Kantor, president] and buyer, each 20% owners); no other broadcast interests. FOX is 50% owner of company that owns 20% of Ch. 11 TV LLC. FOX has interests in three other TVs and one FM. KM has applied to build nine other TVs. Bae owns KWKB(TV) Iowa City/Cedar Rapids/ Dubuque, Iowa, and CPs to build two more TVs; has interests in CPs to build two ohter TVs. WinStar owns 70% of KBPD(TV) La Grande/Portland, Ore.; has CPs to build four TVs; owns 27.5% of Equity Broadcast Corp., which is buying CP to build KUTH(TV) Logan, Utah (see next item); has interests in companies with CPs to build two more TVs

Facilities: Ch. 11, 1.58 kW visual, ant. 177 ft.