TVN Catches New Channel

Continuing its drive for more content partners and distribution affiliates, TVN Entertainment has rolled out its seventh video-on-demand channel, Caught On Demand.

Available to roughly 2.5 million subscribers via 15 affiliates, Caught On Demand offers footage of police chases, burglaries and other extreme behavior recorded by surveillance cameras, police cruisers and cell phones. Programs include themed content such as Unbelievable Chases, Amazing Crashes and Dumbest Criminals.

“Caught On Demand represents the latest example of TVN's strategy to provide compelling content to its broad base of affiliates by creating and launching new VOD networks in underserved categories,” TVN senior vice president of strategy and business development Matt Cohen said.

TVN's other VOD channels are The Karaoke Channel, Kids Unlimited, music-video outlet Music Unlimited, Spanish-language channel Telecentral, independent movie channel Urban Xtra and art and music ambience channel Ambient.TV.