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TV Watch Launches #SafeTV Campaign

The TV programmer-backed TV Watch has created a new #SafeTV
campaign consisting of an infographic and Pinterest page educating parents and
others about the TV ratings system.

The graphic, which can be embedded on websites, explains
that a TV-Y7-FV fantasy violence rating indicates a show is appropriate to
children age seven and older due to fantasy violence.

The graphic will also be printed up as a poster and offered
to churches and schools. The Pinterest page will include infographics and other

TV Watch was formed in the mid-2000s in response to a push
in Congress to boost indecency enforcement post-Janet Jackson's Super Bowl
reveal. Its goal is to promote parental control over increased government

Many of the same members of TV Watch also teamed last month
on aparental control education effort.

Those efforts come in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings
and increased pressure from Washington for strategies to combat gun violence.