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TV Watch Launches Holiday Campaign

TV Watch is launching its first holiday campaign
to school parents about how they can help their kids make appropriate TV
viewing choices. That joins back-to-school and spring break campaigns along
similar lines.

"The holidays are full of new programming and
it is up to parents to decide what is most appropriate for children to watch,"
said Jim Dyke, executive director of TV Watch, a media industry-backed
online effort that promotes parental controls and personal responsibility over
government regulation of broadcast or cable TV.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has long
advocated for parental involvement and effective tools as the best governors of
youth media consumption, but he has also said the government has a role and the
commission is currently defending its decisions in court to crack down on
fleeting nudity and profanity on TV.

The campaign includes a Web video, e-mailed
tutorials and other resources.

TV Watch was launchedin 2005 by Fox, NBC and CBS amidst congressional calls for a government
crackdown on indecent content.
Currently the site features a graphic of Uncle Sam teamed with The Simpsons and the declaration:
"Don't Let Uncle Sam Dictate What you Watch!"