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Tubi Integrated Into Canadian Cable Operator Rogers’ Licensed X1 Platform, Ignite

Tubi announced Monday that its AVOD platform has been natively integrated into Rogers Communications’ Ignite video service, the Canadian cable operator's licensed version of Comcast’s X1 video system. .

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Comcast natively integrated Tubi into its own X1 system back in November 2018, allowing subscribers to search and access the free-to-consumer streaming service’s movies and shows through their X1 Voice Remotes as they would any other X1 program.

Since that time, other cable companies that license X1 technology have integrated Tubi into their UI, notably Cox Communications, which makes the AVOD platform a native part of its Contour video service.

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Other popular streaming services integrated into Ignite include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

Tubi was purchased by Fox Corp. for $440 million in March.