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Troy Cable Goes for 1-Gig

Troy Cable has tapped Adtran to power a fiber-to-the-premises network that will deliver symmetrical 1 Gbps broadband service to more than 40,000 homes in southeast Alabama.

The GPON-powered service will reach more than 20 communities, the operator said. 

When bundled with other services, Troy Cable is selling its symmetrical FTTP-based broadband tiers as follows:

-50 Mbps down/50 Mbps up: $52.95/month

-200/200: $65.95/month

-500/500: $99.99/month

-1 Gbps/1 Gbps: $199.99/month

Pricing on stand-alone FTTP service was not immediately available.

Update: Here is the stand-alone pricing: 

-50/50: $105.90/month

-200/200: $131.90/month

-500/500: $199.98/month

-1-Gig/1-Gig: $399.98/month

“Our customers expect the fastest internet connection possible for telecommuting, video streaming, gaming and more. Add to that the growing number of devices in each household, launching a Gigabit Internet Service offering was a logical next step. We have the fiber infrastructure in place and are delivering the fastest, most reliable Gigabit service available in Alabama,” said Jake Cowen, general manager of Troy Cable, in a statement

“As Troy Cable remains dedicated to enhancing the community’s broadband infrastructure, they’re changing the way customers look at cable companies,” said Mitch Fleming, regional vice president, sales, ADTRAN Carrier Networks Division. “Beyond offering standard cable services, Troy Cable is thinking long-term by offering its customers a complete portfolio of solutions,” added Mitch Fleming, regional VP of sales for Adran’s Carrier Networks Division. “They are taking broadband service offering to the next level, as well as finding a competitive differentiator in a demanding marketplace.”