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Tribune stations pick up My Wife and Kids

Key Tribune Co. stations will air Buena Vista Television's My Wife and
when the show premieres in syndication in September 2005.

So far, the stations include WPIX-TV New York; KTLA-TV Los Angeles; WGN-TV
Chicago; WBDC-TV Washington, D.C.; and KHWB-TV Houston.

Tribune signed a three-year deal for the show, agreeing that it can go
to basic-cable networks in year four.

Buena Vista is retaining three 30-second spots in the deal, with the rest of
the ad time going to local stations.

My Wife and Kids, starring Damon Wayans, is in its third season on ABC.

Wayans and Don Reo are co-creators and executive producers.

David Himelfarb and Eric Gold also executive-produce.