Tribune scores with City Guys

Tribune Entertainment has cleared the off-net episodes of teen sitcom City Guys in 80% of the U.S., representing 122 different markets.

Stations signed on to the show, launching next fall, include Tribune Broadcasting's WPIX-TV New York, KTLA-TV Los Angeles, WPHL-TV Philadelphia and Sinclair's KMWB-TV Minneaoplis. Created by Saved by the Bell's Peter Engels in association with NBC Enterprises, City Guys focused on the friendship between a teen from Harlem and a teen from Park Avenue.

Tribune also picked up the distribution and barter sales rights to half-hour children's program Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century from The WB network. The show, an animated spin on the classic detective franchise, is being shopped on a 2 _ national/ 2 ½ local split. Both City Guys and Sherlock have been classified as FCC-friendly programming.
- Susanne Ault