Tower talk

American Tower has created a Web site ( as part of a campaign to resume construction of a broadcast tower in the District of Columbia. The city first approved the tower, then halted work on the partially completed structure after residents of the Tenleytown suburb complained.

On the Web site, American Tower is citing HDTV implications to generate pressure on the mayor to resume construction. "Federal deadlines for HDTV are approaching," says the site, "and only 50% of local broadcasters have facilities to provide this technology. The Tenleytown tower will ensure that all Federal deadlines are met..If you want health care, you need hospitals. If you want transportation, you need roads. If you want HDTV, cell phones and wireless technology, you need towers."

True, but it was unclear whether any local broadcasters were counting on this particular tower. W RC-TV , for one, said it already has its own new tower.

An American Tower spokeswoman had not returned calls at press time.