Tower plan may not hold up

The New York Times
reported last week that New York broadcasters were
planning to construct a free-standing tower with restaurant and observation deck
to support their broadcast antennas at a cost of $200 million.

The story was accompanied by a rendering from architectural firm Kohn
Pedersen Fox Associates of the tower, which would rise 2,000 feet.

The only problem is that the plan was news to New York broadcasters.

The Metropolitan Television Alliance -- the consortium of broadcasters working
on replacing the tower lost in the Sept. 11 attack -- said the free-standing tower
is just one of many that have been proposed.

In fact, the alliance is now leaning toward a basic guide-wire tower, which is cheaper
and faster to build.

The group's first choice for the tower site remains Governor's Island, just
off the southern end of Manhattan.

The second choice is across the harbor in New Jersey's Liberty State