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Top Five Broadcast Nets Anticipate Big Payday

The top five
networks are expecting a boost in ad commitment dollars in the upcoming upfront
selling season, The
Wrap reported.

Although ratings
continue to decline, advertisers who bought too little inventory last year are
now paying up to 30% more for scatter market inventory. Sales executives from the networks anticipate
double-digit increases on the cost per thousand ad impressions (CPMs).

negotiations took three weeks last year, with the average rate increases
between 8-9%. The total take was $8.5 billion for primetime. If the negotiations
are over that quickly this year, the average rate could be 12%, with the total
take exceeding the record 2008 upfront.

Each of the
networks have their own selling points - Fox has powerhouses American Idol and Glee , ABC has both Dancing
With the Stars
and hit comedy Modern
, while CBS has seven of the ten most watched shows. NBC comes in
last, but that means that ad buyers will find a deal. Media buyers find that
The CW, while a smaller network, reaches a younger audience that some clients

Most agencies have
not yet received budgets for their clients, so there is no official word on how
much the advertisers will spend. However, with most advertisers not wanting to
spend the extra 30% in the scatter market, the broadcast networks should expect
to make a new record.