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Top 25 MSOs

1 Comcast/AT&TBasic subscribers: 21.2MTop executive: Brian Roberts, president1500 Market St.Philadelphia, PA 19102 Comcast Corp.Homes passed: 38.5MBasic penetration: 62% Digital-ready homes: 20.1MDigital subs: 5.8MDigital penetration: 26.8%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 25.3MHigh-speed Internet subs: 2.5MInternet penetration: 9.6%Major clusters: Boston, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Miami, Mid-Atlantic states (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C.) Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, New Mexico 2 Time WarnerBasic subs: 12.8MTop executive: Glenn Britt, chairman/CEO290 Harbor Dr.Stamford, CT 06902 203-328-0600www.aoltimewarner.comOwnership: AOL Time WarnerHomes passed: 21.5MBasic penetration: 60%Digital-ready homes: 20.8MDigital subs: 3.3MDigital penetration: 16%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 19.6MHigh-speed Internet subs: 1.9MInternet penetration: 10%Major clusters: New York City; Tampa Bay, Fla.; Orlando, Fla.; Houston; Raleigh, N.C.; Milwaukee3 DirecTVBasic subs: 10.5MTop executive: Eddy Hartenstein, chairman/CEO 2230 E. Imperial Hwy.El Segundo, CA 90245 1-800-DIRECTVwww.directv.comOwnership: Hughes Electronics Corp. 4 CharterBasic subs: 7.0MTop executive: Carl Vogel, president, CEO 12405 Powerscourt Dr. St. Louis, MO 63131 314-965-0555www.charter.comOwnership: Paul Allen, publicly tradedHomes passed: 11.5M Basic penetration: 60.5% Digital-ready homes: 10.7M Digital subs: 2.1M Digital penetration: 30.8% High-speed Internet-ready homes: 7.6M High-speed Internet subs: 607,700 Internet penetration: 8.5% Major clusters: Los Angeles; St. Louis; Greenville/Spartanburg, S.C.; Madison, Wis; Atlanta; Charlestown, W.Va.; Fort Worth, Texas5 DISH NetworkBasic subs: 6.8MTop Executive: Charlie Ergen, chairman/CEO5701 S. Santa Fe Dr.Littleton, CO 80120 1-800-333-DISHwww.dishnetwork.comOwnership: EchoStar Communications Corp.6 CoxBasic subscribers: 6.3MTop executive: Jim Robbins, president/CEO 1400 Lake Hearn Dr.Atlanta, GA 30319 404-843-5000www.cox.comOwnership: 65% owned by Cox Enterprises, publicly tradedHomes passed: 10MBasic penetration: 62.6%Digital-ready homes: 9.5MDigital subs: 960,000 1.5MDigital penetration: 10.7%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 9.3MHigh-speed Internet subs: 1MInternet penetration: 10.7%Major clusters: Phoenix; San Diego; New England area; Hampton Roads, Va.;Orange County, Calif.; Oklahoma City; Omaha, Neb.; New Orleans, northern Virginia; Las Vegas7 AdelphiaBasic subs: 5.8MTop executive: John J. Rigas, chairman/president/CEO 1 N. Main St.Coudersport, PA 16915 814-274-9830www.adelphia.netOwnership: Publicly tradedHomes passed: 9.5MBasic penetration: 61%Digital-ready homes: 9.6MDigital-ready subs: 5.8MDigital subs: 1.9MDigital penetration: 31%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 2.1MHigh-speed Internet subs: 377,510Internet penetration: 19.1%Major clusters: Los Angeles; Pennsylvania; Ohio; New York; Florida; Virginia; Colorado Springs, Colo8 CablevisionBasic subs: 3.1MTop executive: James L. Dolan, president/CEO 1111 Stewart Ave.Bethpage, NY 11714 516-803-2300www.cablevision.comOwnership: Cablevision Systems Corp.Homes passed: 4.3MBasic penetration: 69.4%Digital-ready homes: 700,000Digital subs: 17,200Digital penetration: 3.1%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 2.97MHigh-speed Internet subs: 506,675Internet penetration: 17%Major clusters: New York9 MediacomBasic subs: 1.6MTop executive: Rocco B. Commisso, chairman/CEO100 Crystal Run Rd.Middletown, NY 10941 845-695-2600www.mediacomcc.comOwnership: Rocco B. Commisso, 24% financial, 81% voting powerHomes passed: 2.6MBasic penetration: 60.6%Digital-ready subs: 1.4MDigital subs: 321,000Digital penetration: 23%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 1.4MHigh-speed Internet subs: 112,700Internet penetration: 7.9%Major clusters: Des Moines, IA; Springfield, MO; Cedar Rapids, IA; Quad Cities, IA/IL; Columbus, GA, Columbia-Jefferson City, MO; Dagsboro, DE; Hendersonville, NC; Lake Minnetonka, MN.; Gulf Breeze, Fla.; Mobile, Ala.10 InsightBasic subs: 1.4MTop executive: Michael Willner, president/CEO810 Seventh Ave.New York, NY 10019 917.286.2300www.insight-com.comOwnership: publicly heldHomes passed: 2.4MBasic penetration: 58.7%Digital-ready homes: 1.14MDigital subs: 257,700Digital penetration: 22.5%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 1.75MHigh-speed Internet subs: 88,500Internet penetration: 5%Major clusters: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky11 Cable OneBasic subscribers: 751,266Top executive: Thomas O. Might, CEO/president 1314 N. 3rd Street, 3rd fl.Phoenix, AZ 85004 602-364-6000 www.cableone.netOwnership: 100% owned by The Washington Post Co. Homes passed: 1.2M Basic penetration: 61% Digital-ready homes: 1.1MDigital subs: 241,831 Digital penetration: 32.2% to Basic High-speed Internet-ready homes: 1.0MHigh-speed Internet subs: 45,379 Internet penetration: 6.0% Major clusters: Gulf Coast of Mississippi 12 RCNBasic subs: 487,000Top executive: David C. McCourt, chairman/CEO105 Carnegie CenterPrinceton, NJ 08540 609-734-3700www.rcn.comOwnership: Level 3 Communications 26.09%; Vulcan Ventures (Paul Allen) 25.42%; Hick, Muse, Tate & Furst 7.06%; Tweedy, Browne Co. LLC 5.7%Homes passed: 1.7MBasic penetration: 28.5%Digital-ready homes: 245,000Digital subs: 97,460Digital penetration: 40%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 1.5 MHigh-speed Internet subs: 119,955Internet penetration: 8%Major clusters: Boston; New York; Philadelphia suburbs; Washington, D.C.; Chicago; San Francisco; Los Angeles 13 Classic CableBasic subs: 335,000Top executive: Dale Bennet, president/COO6561 Paluxy Dr.Tyler, TX 75703 903-581-2121www.classic-cable.comOwnership: PublicHomes passed: 727,000Basic penetration: 46%Digital-ready homes: 622,000Digital subs: 32,000Digital penetration: 5%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 55,000High-speed Internet subs: 2,200Internet penetration: 4%Major clusters: Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana and Ohio14 WideOpenWestBasic subs: 310,000Top executive: Mark Haverkate, president/CEO900 W. Castleton Rd.Suite 220Castle Rock, CO 80104 303-663-0771www.wideopenwest.comOwnership:Homes passed: 1.3MBasic subscribers: 310,000Basic penetration: 23%Digital-ready homes: 1.3MDigital subs: 31,000Digital penetration: 10%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 300,000High-speed Internet subs: 3,400Internet penetration: 1%Major clusters: Chicago; Cleveland; Columbus, Ohio; Detroit15 Service ElectricBasic subs: 297,000Top executive: Margaret Walson, CEO 201 W. Center St.Mahanoy City, PA 17948 570-773-2585www.seco-tv.comOwnership: Walson familyHomes passed: 414,000Basic penetration: 71%Digital-ready homes: 110,000Digital subs: 31,000.Digital penetration: 10.5%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 211,000High-speed Internet subs: 6,000Internet penetration: 2%Major clusters: Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; Sparta, N.J.16 Tele-MediaBasic suscribers: 254,043Top executive: Robert E. Tudek, chairman/CEO/president 320 West College Ave. Pleasant Gap, A 814-359-3481Ownership: Robert E. Tudek and Everett I. MundyHomes passed: 354,114Basic penetration: 71.7%Digital-ready homes: 178,956Digital subs: 22,413Digital penetration: 12.5%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 69,255High-speed Internet subs: 2,524Internet penetration: 3.6%Major clusters: Seymour-Waterbury, Conn.; Hopewell-Petersburg, Va.; Frostburg-Hancock, Md./Keyser, Northfork-Iaeger-Bradshaw, W.Va.; Zion-Kylertown, Pa.; Bald Head Island, N.C. Whitehouse, Tenn./Franklin, Ky., Pembroke Pines, Fla.17 NorthlandBasic subs: 233,000Top executive: John S. Whetzell, chairman1201 Third Ave.Suite 3600Seattle, Wash. 98101 206-621-1351Ownership: NTC, privately held by more than 100 individual shareholders, with the officers controlling over 35% of the outstanding sharesHomes passed: 392,000Basic penetration: 59%Digital-ready homes: 187,000Digital subs: 18,000Digital penetration: 11%High-speed Internet-ready homes: Not availableHigh-speed Internet subs: Not availableInternet penetration: Not availableMajor clusters: Texas, Northwest, Southeast18 ArmstrongBasic subs: 210,000Top executive: Michael Haislip, president 1 Armstrong Pl.Butler, PA 16001 724-283-0925www.amstrongonewire.comOwnership: Privately heldHomes passed: 283,000Basic penetration: 75%Digital-ready homes: 190,000Digital subs: 26,300Digital penetration: 13.8%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 190,000High-speed Internet subs: 32,700Internet penetration: 17%Major clusters: Pittsburgh; Youngstown, Ohio19 SusquehannaBasic subs: 205,971Top executives: Peter Brubaker, CEO, Jim Munchel, COO (pictured)140 E. Market St.York, PA 17401 717-848-5500www.suscom.netOwnership: Susquehanna Pfaltzgraff Co.Homes passed: 283,000Basic penetration: 72.8%Digital-ready homes: 196,000Digital subs: 30,062Digital penetration: 15.3%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 202,000High-speed Internet subs: 17,770Internet penetration: 8.8%Major clusters: York, Pa.; Williamsport, Pa.20 MidcontinentBasic subs: 205,000Top executive: Larry Bentson, CEO 7900 Xerses Ave. S., Ste. 1100Minneapolis, MN 55431 952-844-2600www.midcom.comOwnership: Midcontinent CommunicationsHomes passed: 362,600Basic penetration: 56.5%Digital-ready homes: 270,000Digital subs: 15,000Digital penetration: 5.5%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 200,000High-speed Internet subs: 13,500Internet penetration: 6.8%Major clusters: Sioux Falls, S.D.; Bismarck, N.D.; Rapid City-Black Hills, S.D. 21 Blue Ridge Cable/Pencor ServicesBasic suscribers: 175,000Top executive: Fred A. Reinhard, chairman 613 Third St.Palmerton, PA 18071 610-826-2552www.brctv.comOwnership: Pencor Services Inc.Homes passed: 189,000Basic penetration: 92%Digital-ready homes: 73,000Digital subs: 6600Digital penetration: 10%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 83,000High-speed Internet subs: 12,000Internet penetration: 14%Major clusters: Stroudsburg, Pa.; Lehighton, Pa.22 MillenniumBasic subs: 157,600Top executive: Kevin R. Westbrook, president/CEO 120 S. Central Ave., Ste. 150St. Louis, MO 63105 314-802-2400www.mdm.netOwnership: Privately heldHomes passed: 316,600Basic penetration: 50%Digital-ready homes: 257,800 Digital subs: 26,700Digital penetration: 10.4%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 214,000 High-speed Internet subs: 17,600Internet penetration: 8.2%Major clusters: Baltimore suburbs; Michigan (Lansing/ Flint/Detroit corridor); metro, suburban and ex-urban Seattle; suburban Portland, Ore.; ex-urban Idaho23 US CableBasic subs: 151,000Top executive: James D. Pearson, president/CEOMontvale Plaza28 W. Grand Ave.Montvale, NJ 07645 201-930-9000Ownership: Private partnership, 48% AT&T BroadbandHomes passed: 286,191Basic penetration: 52.7%Digital-ready homes: 208,757Digital subs: 11,500Digital penetration: 5.5%High-speed Internet-ready homes: 16,000High-speed Internet subs: 710Internet penetration: 3.2%Major clusters: Wild Dunes, Kiawah, Mt. Pleasant, John's Island, S.C.; ColdSpring, Lake Forest, St. Joseph, Minnesota; Hobbs, Carlsbad, New Mexico24 GCIBasic subs: 132,627Top executive: Ron Duncan, president/CEO2550 Denali St., Anchorage, AK 99507 907-265-5620Web site: Not availableOwnership: CerberusHomes passed: 192,657Basic penetration: 69% statewideDigital-ready homes: 154,146Digital subs: 25,806Digital penetration: 20% statewideHigh-speed Internet-ready homes: 90%High-speed Internet subs: 29,794Internet penetration: Not availableMajor clusters: Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau25 KnologyBasic subs: 118,224Top executive: Rodger Johnson, president/COO 1241 O.G. Skinner Dr. West Point, GA31833 706-645-8553Web site: Not availableOwnership: Knology Broadband, institutional investors including ITC Holding, SCANA, Whitney & Co., Blackstone Group Homes passed: 423,201Basic penetration: 28%Digital-ready homes: 118,224 Digital subs: Not availableDigital penetration: Not availableHigh-speed Internet-ready homes: 423,000High-speed Internet subs: 32,573Internet penetration: 8%Major clusters: Montgomery, Ala., Columbus, Ga., Panama City, Fla.