The Top 20MultichannelProviders

As deal-making once again returned to the cable industry, Multichannel
' list of the top multichannel video programming distributors
has undergone some of the most significant changes in several

Two operators that would have made the list two years ago, Knology and Insight Communications, have been swallowed
up by larger operators, and two other MSOs, Suddenlink and Atlantic
Broadband, have recently announced ownership changes.

When those deals are completed, 11 of the 20 largest providers will be in private
hands, making it even harder to get subscriber counts and track shifts in the industry's

For the moment, the 10 largest operators continue to dominate the industry,
serving nearly 90.8 million video subscribers, or about 86% of the
105.4 million multichannel homes in the U.S., while the entire top 20
had about 95.8 million video subscribers, or 90% of the total. The nine
publicly-traded companies in the top 20 served about 84.5 million video

The breakdown of the industry
continues to shift, however, with the
two publicly-traded telcos reporting
gains of nearly 1.5 million subscribers
between the first quarter of 2011 and
the first quarter of 2012, while eight
cable operators reported a collective
decline of 209,800 subscribers, even
though acquisitions increased the
subscriber counts at three cable operators
by a total of 579,000.

Broadband and voice services,
however, remain a bright spot. Two
cable operators rank in the top five
residential providers of phone services,
and two rank among the top
three broadband players.

Overall, the six biggest publiclytraded
cable companies reported
broadband subscriber gains of 2.8
million in the 12-month period between the first quarter of 2011 and the
first quarter of 2012.

Our survey lists subscriber numbers and any available operating data for the
largest MVPDs. Public companies, however, vary widely on the metrics they report,
and most of the private companies declined to supply data, which has forced us to
use some estimates from outside sources. Subscriber data is as of March 31 unless
otherwise noted.

This year's survey also provides extensive information on who is running
these companies. Due to space limitations, our 'Top Executives'
listing for each company generally includes only the chairman, CEO, president
and chief operating officer, so a number of important senior executives
are excluded.

We also asked companies to supply us the names of their top programing,
technology, marketing and regional executives, and we have included
those whenever possible.

1 Comcast Corp.

Comcast Center | Philadelphia, Pa.
286-1700 |

Top Executive(s)
Brian Roberts, chairman and CEO
Neil Smit, EVP, Comcast Corp.; president and CEO, Comcast Cable
David N. Watson, EVP and COO, Comcast Cable

Top Programming Executive
Greg Rigdon, EVP, content acquisition, Comcast Cable

Top Technology Executive
Tony G. Werner, EVP and CTO

Top Marketing Executive
David A. Juliano, EVP, sales and marketing, Comcast Cable

Top Regional Executive(s)
Kevin M. Casey, president, Northeast division, Comcast Cable
William Connors, president, Central division, Comcast Cable
Steve White, president, West division, Comcast Cable

Operating Data
Homes and businesses passed: 52,643,000
Combined video, high-speed data and phone, residential and
business customers: 50,382,000
Basic video subscribers: 22,294,000
Basic video penetration: 42.3%                                                                                                                                                      Digital video subscribers:
Digital video penetration: 93%
High-speed data subscribers: 18,582,000
High-speed data penetration: 35.3%
Phone subscribers: 9,506,000
Phone penetration: 18.1%
ARPU per video customer: $143.40

2 DirecTV

E. Imperial Hwy | El Segundo, Calif. 90245
964-5000 |

Top Executive(s)
Michael White, chairman, president and CEO

Top Programming Executive
Dan York, EVP of programming and chief content officer

Top Technology Executive
Romulo C. Pontual, EVP and CTO

Top Marketing Executive
Paul Guyardo, chief revenue and marketing officer

Operating Data
Digital video subscribers: 19,966,000
ARPU: $91.99
Churn: 1.44%                                                                                                                                                                                      

3 Dish Network Corp.

S. Meridian Blvd. | Englewood, Colo. 80112
723-1000 |

Top Executive(s)
Joseph P. Clayton, president and CEO

Top Programming Executive
Dave Shull, SVP, programming

Top Technology Executive
Mike McClaskey, SVP and CIO

Top Marketing Executive
James G. Moorhead, SVP and chief marketing officer

Operating Data
Basic video subscribers: 14,071,000
Digital penetration: 100%
ARPU: $76.71
Churn: 1.35%

4Time Warner Cable

Columbus Circle | New York, N.Y. 10023
364-8200 |

Top Executive(s
Glenn A. Britt, chairman and CEO
Robert D. Marcus, president and COO

Top Programming Executive
Melinda Witmer, EVP and chief programming officer

Top Technology Executive
Mike L. LaJoie, EVP and CTO

Top Marketing Executive
Jeffrey A. Hirsch, EVP and chief marketing officer, residential

Top Regional Executive(s)
William R. Goetz Jr., EVP, operations, West region
Carol A. Hevey, EVP, operations, East region

Operating Data
Customer relationships: 15,354,000
Basic video subscribers (residential and business): 12,653,000
High-speed data subscribers: 11,136,000                                                                                                                             
Phone subscribers: 5,129,000
Single-play subscribers: 5,980,000
Double-play subscribers: 5,184,000
Triple-play subscribers: 4,190,000
ARPU video: $75.01
ARPU data: $38.96
ARPU voice: $36.13

5Cox Communications

Lake Hearn Dr. | Atlanta, Ga. 30319
843-5000 |

Top Executive(s)
Patrick J. Esser, president

Top Programming Executive
Robert Wilson, SVP, content acquisition

Top Technology Executive
Kevin Hart, EVP and CTO

Top Marketing Executive
Mark Greatrex, SVP and chief marketing and sales officer

Top Regional Executive(s)
Marilyn Burrows, SVP/GM, Central region (Omaha, Kansas, Arkansas)
David A. Bialis, SVP/GM, California
L. Keith Gregory, SVP/GM, Florida and Georgia
Percy Kirk, SVP/GM, Oklahoma
Thomas H. "Duff y" Leone, SVP/GM, Las Vegas
Gary T. McCollum, SVP/GM, Virginia
J. Stephen Rizley, SVP/GM, Arizona
Jacqui D. Vines, SVP/GM, Louisiana
John Wolfe, interim head, New England/Cleveland

Operating Data
Total residential and business customers: 6 million
Homes passed: 9.5 million
Basic video subscribers: 4,756,000 (SNL Kagan estimate)
High speed data subscribers: 4,530,000 (Leichtman Research Group estimate, Q1)
Phone subscribers: 3,185,000 (Leichtman
Research Group estimate, Q1

6Verizon Communications

West St. | New York, N.Y. 10007
395-1000 |

Top Executive(s)
Lowell C. McAdam, chairman and CEO
Bob Mudge, president, Consumer and Mass Market business unit*
*Top FiOS TV exec

Top Programming Executive
Terry Denson, VP, content strategy and acquisition

Top Technology Executive*
Ruchir Rodrigues, VP, corporate technology
*For FiOS TV

Top Marketing Executive*
Mike Ritter, chief marketing officer, Consumer and Mass Market
business unit
*For FiOS TV

Operating Data
FiOS video homes passed: 13,460,000
FiOS video subscribers: 4,353,000
FiOS video penetration: 32.3%
Total high-speed data subscribers: 8,774,000
FiOS residential digital voice: 2,298,000
Total residential voice connections: 12,421,000
Total voice connections: 23,700,000
Cell phone
subscribers: 92,988,00                                                                 

7Charter Communications

Powerscourt Dr., Ste. 100 | St. Louis, Mo. 63131
965-0555 |

Top Executive(s)
Thomas M. Rutledge, president and CEO

Top Programming Executive
Allan Singer, SVP, programming

Top Technology Executive
Don Detampel, EVP, technology, and president, commercial services

Top Marketing Executive
Jonathan Hargis, EVP and chief marketing officer

Top Regional Executive(s)
Woody Hutton, South region (Tennessee/Louisiana,
Carolinas/Virginia and Georgia/ Alabama)
Lisa Washa, Central/Pacific region (Wisconsin, Minnesota/Nebraska,
Central States, Northwest)
Joe Boullion, Northeast region (Michigan, New England)
John Owen, Southwest region

(Texas, California)

Operational Data
Homes passed video: 11,988,000
Homes passed data: 11,650,000
Homes passed phone: 10,899,000
Total residential customer relationships: 5,013,000
Total business customer relationships: 311,000
Total customer relationships: 5,324,000
Basic video subscribers (residential and business): 4,341,000
Residential video penetration: 34.7%
Residential digital video subscribers: 3,473,000
High-speed data subscribers (residential and business): 3,802,000
Phone subscribers (residential and business): 1,907,000
Bundled penetration: 62.9%
Triple-play penetration: 28.9%
Residential video ARPU: $71.89
Residential data ARPU: $42.26
Residential phone ARPU: $40.10
Total monthly revenue per video customer: $146.77


S. Akard St. | Dallas, Texas 75202
821-4105 | www.att .com/U-verse

Top Executive(s)
Randall L. Stephenson, chairman, CEO and president
Andrew Geisse, senior EVP, AT&T Business and Home Solutions*
*Top U-verse exec

Top Programming Executive
Jeff Weber, president of content and advertising sales

Top Technology Executive*
Maria Dillard, vice president, U-verse and video products
*For U-verse

Top Marketing Executive
Joni Arison, chief marketing officer, home solutions*
*For U-verse

Operating Data
Total U-verse (video and high-speed data) customers: 6.2 million
Basic video subscribers: 3,991,000
High-speed data subscribers: 16,530
Consumer high-speed data subscribers: 14,595
Wireline voice connections: 37,878
Consumer voice connections: 20,537,000
Wireless voice connections: 103,940,000

9Cablevision Systems Corp.

Stewart Ave. | Bethpage, N.Y. 11714
803-2300 |

Top Executive(s)
Charles F. Dolan, chairman
James L. Dolan, president and CEO
Hank J. Ratner, vice-chairman

Top Programming Executive
Mac Budill, EVP, programming

Top Technology Executive
Wilt Hildenbrand, senior advisor, engineering and technology

Top Marketing Executive
Kristin Dolan, senior EVP, product management and marketing

Operating Data
Homes passed: 5,596,000
Total customers: 3,628,000
Basic video subscribers: 3,257,000
Basic video penetration: 58.2%
High-speed data subscribers: 3,007,000
High-speed data penetration: 53.7%
Phone subscribers: 2,399,000
Phone penetration: 42.9%

10Bright House Networks

Campuswood Dr. | E. Syracuse, N.Y. 13057
463-7675 |

Top Executive(s)
Steven Miron, CEO
Nomi Miron Bergman, president
Kevin Hyman, EVP, operations

Top Programming Executive
Kristi Kramersmeier, corporate VP, new product development

Top Technology Executive
Craig Cowden, senior VP, network engineering and operations

Top Marketing Executive
Stephen Colafrancesco, corporate VP, marketing

Top Regional Executive(s)
Mike Robertson, senior VP, Florida operations
Karen Broach, regional VP, national operations (markets outside

Operating Data
Total customers: 2,500,000
Basic video
subscribers: 2,079,000 (SNL
Kagan estimate

11 Suddenlink Communications

12444 Powerscourt Dr., Ste. 450 |
St. Louis, Mo. 63131
314-315-9400 |

Top Executive(s)
Jerald L. Kent, chairman and CEO
Tom McMillin, EVP and COO
Mary Meduski, EVP and CFO

Top Programming Executive
Patricia L. McCaskill, SVP and chief programming officer

Top Technology Executive
Terry M. Cordova, SVP and CTO

Top Marketing Executive
Jerry Dow, chief marketing and sales officer

Operating Data
Total revenue generating units: 3,482,400
Total customers: 1,391,200
Basic video subscribers: 1,250,000
Basic video penetration: 41.5%
Digital video subscribers: 796,000
High-speed data subscribers: 982,600
High-speed data penetration: 33.8%
Phone subscribers: 453,200
Phone penetration: 18.5%
Triple-play customers: 330,900
Total bundled customers: 870,100
Non-video customers: 234,900
ARPU per basic video subscriber: $137.80

12 Mediacom Communications Corp.
Crystal Run Rd. | Middletown, N.Y. 10941
695-2600 |

Top Executive(s)
Rocco B. Commisso, chairman and CEO

Top Programming Executive
Italia Commisso Weinand, SVP, programming and human resources

Top Technology Executive
J.R. Walden, SVP, technology

Top Marketing Executive
David M. McNaughton, SVP, marketing

Top Regional Executive(s)
Edward S. Pardini, SVP, divisional operations, North Central

Operating Data
Homes passed: 2.8 million
Basic video subscribers: 1,059,000
Digital video subscribers: 739,000
High-speed data subscribers: 887,000
Phone subscribers: 354,000

13 WideOpenWest Networks

E. Peakview Ave., Ste. 400 | Englewood, Colo. 80111
479-3500 |

Top Executive(s)
Colleen Abdoulah, chairman and CEO
Steven Cochran, president

Top Programming Executive
Peter Smith, VP of programming

Top Technology Executive
Cash Hagen, CTO

Top Marketing Executive
Cathy Kuo, chief marketing officer

Top Regional Executive(s)
Mark Dineen, SVP/GM, Michigan
Kelvin Fee, SVP/GM, Illinois
Scott Nesley, SVP/GM, Ohio
Robert DiNardo, VP/GM, Evansville, Ind.
Kirk Zerkle, VP/system manager, Cleveland

Operating Data
Homes passed: 2.8 million
Total Customers: 800,000
Basic video subscribers: 688,000 (Estimate based on combined WOW subscriber count from SNL Kagan and
Knology Q1 subscribers


North 3rd St. | Phoenix, Ariz. 85004
364-6000 |

Top Executive(s)
Thomas O. Might, president and CEO

Top Programming Executive
Gerald W. McKenna, SVP, chief sales and marketing officer*
*McKenna is also the top marketing executive.

Top Technology Executive
Stephen A. Fox, SVP and CTO

Top Regional Executive(s)
T. Mitchell Bland, VP, Central division
Michelle Cameron, VP, Southeast division
John D. Gosch, VP, West division

Operating Data
Total primary service units: 1,271,791
Basic video subscribers: 622,339
High-speed data subscribers: 463,443
subscribers: 186,009

15 RCN Telecom Services

College Road East, Suite 3100 | Princeton, N.J. 08540
452-8197 |

Top Executive(s)

Steven J. Simmons, chairman
James Holanda, CEO

Top Programming Executive
John Gdovin, SVP, administration/programming

Top Technology Executive
Patrick Murphy, SVP, engineering

Top Marketing Executive
Jackie Heitman, VP, marketing

Top Regional Executive(s)
Sanford Ames, VP/GM, Pennsylvania region
James Hill, VP/GM, D.C./Maryland region
Bruce Abbott, VP/GM, New York region
Tom McKay, VP/GM, Chicago region
Jeff Carlson, VP/GM, Boston region

Operating Data
Basic video subscribers: 333,000 (SNL Kagan estimate)

16 Atlantic Broadband

Batt erymarch Park, Ste. 405 | Quincy, Mass.,02169
786-8800 |

Top Executive(s)
David Keefe, CEO
Edward T. Holleran Jr., president and COO

Top Technology Executive
Almis J. Kuolas, CTO

Top Marketing Executive
Julia A. Smith, SVP, marketing.

Top Regional Executive(s)
James K. Waldo, SVP/GM, Florida
Sam C. McGill Jr. VP/GM, South Carolina

Operating Data
Basic video subscribers: 252,000 (SNL Kagan estimate)

17 Armstrong Cable Services

Armstrong Place | Butler, Pa. 16001
283-0925 |

Top Executive(s)
Jeff rey Ross, president

Top Programming Executive
Jud Stewart, VP, programming and sales

Top Technology Executive
Mike Giobbi, CTO

Operating Data
Homes passed: 393,000
Basic video subscribers: 239,000 (NCTA estimate)

18 Midcontinent Communications

Minnesota Dr., Ste. 700 | Minneapolis, Minn. 55435

Top Executive(s)
Mark Niblick, chairman
Patrick McAdaragh, president and CEO
Dick Busch, COO
Steve Grosser, CFO

Top Programming Executive
Wynne Haakenstad, director of programming

Top Technology Executive
Jon Pederson, VP, technology

Top Marketing Executive
Trish McCann, VP, marketing

Operating Data
Homes passed: 534,301
Basic video subscribers: 229,359
Digital video subscribers: 120,124
High-speed data subscribers: 212,280
Total phone lines: 125,992

19 Service Electric Cable TV

Avenue A | Bethlehem, Pa. 18017
(610) 865-9100 |

Top Executive(s)
John Walson, president

Operating Data
Basic video subscribers: 217,000 (SNL Kagan estimate)

20Harron Communications (dbaMetroCast Communications)

East Lancaster Ave. | Frazer, Pa 19355
(610) 644-7500 |

Top Executive(s)
James J. Bruder, Jr., chairman and CEO
Thomas M. Marturano, president and COO

Top Programming Executive
Linda C. Stuchell, VP, programming and marketing*
*Stuchell is also the top marketing executive.

Top Technology Executive
Steve Murdough, VP, operations

Operating Data
Basic video
subscribers: 169,000 (NCTA