Top 10 List from Adlink

Adlink announced the launch of its 2004-05 agency presentation kit Monday.

Multimedia presentation "10 Reasons Adlink Is Better” highlights the Los Angeles interconnect’s competitive advantages over broadcast and satellite and positions Adlink as a television-advertising leader in Los Angeles.

Adlink enables advertisers to reach nearly 3.3 million cable households in the Los Angeles market.

The company said its audience share has increased 37% since 2000 while broadcast in the area has fallen 29% over that same time period.

“We know how busy and information-overloaded our clients are, which is why we created a very streamlined and powerful presentation highlighting 10 compelling reasons why Adlink is a better place for advertisers to spend their ad dollars in Los Angeles," Adlink vice president of marketing and communications Matt Brown said in a prepared statement.