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Tony Snow Exiting White House Sept. 14

Tony Snow is stepping down as White House press secretary, saying it is not illness but finances that prompted the move..

He had returned to the press room in April after an extended absence for cancer treatment during which it was discovered his disease had returned.

President George W. Bush made the announcement in remarks before the daily briefing Friday, Aug. 31. "I sadly accept his desire to leave the White House [as of Sept. 14]," the President said. "He will battle cancer and win. I love you and I wish you all the best."

Deputy Dana Perino, who filled in for Snow during his absence, will replace Snow, who called the job "a dream and a blast." 

Perino's background includes spokeswoman for the Justice Department and an early stint as a reporter for WCIA-TV Springfield, Ill., according to a Republican National Commitee blog.

Perino said she would have an "open door" policy and said she hoped to see more of the journalistic faces rather than just e-mails..

Snow said he would work on book proposals and some speeches, but primarily deal with his disease.

Snow said cancer had "nothing" to do with the decision. The departure was an issue of money, he said, adding that he would do some TV and radio, though not full-time anchoring. 

How much would he charge for a speech, one reporter asked. More than you could afford was Snow's jovial reply.

Snow, former Fox radio host and Fox News Channel political analyst, was tapped to replace Scott McClellan as White House press secretary in April 2006..