Today’s Forecast: New Kids Web Site Rolls In

The Weather Channel today launched a new Web site aimed at providing children with fresh ways to explore weather-related topics.

Officials said that the site, accessible at, was constructed to bridge the gap between entertainment and education, and will provide users with science-based curriculum along with fun, learning-based activities. To that end, the site’s motto “Bringing Learning to Life” plays off the network’s message of  “Bringing Weather to Life."

The interactive site, which can be used by kids, parents and educators, is highlighted by: fun activities like “Build Your Own Forecast,” in which kids amass their own record of weather phenomenon and events; weather video clips and scenes from a picture gallery that can be used to create computer “wallpaper”; various games and puzzles touching on such issues as watershed concerns and the impact of global warning; and the opportunity to interact with weather forecasters, via the “Ask the Meteorologist” feature.

“We put a lot of thought into how to best design a Web site that will be appealing to kids and meet them in the realm of the internet experience to which they are accustomed," Shari Pace, vice president of licensing, The Weather Channel, in a statement. "We are celebrating the launch of this new interactive experience for kids that will entertain while educating them. The site will be ever-evolving with more quality, innovative programs in store to bring science and weather to life for kids in a multitude of ways."