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TNN, the next generation

USA may not have The Rock anymore; it
have nearly nekked dancers in The
Chippendale Murders
. And don't be surprised if Capt. Jean Luc
Picard shows up on TNN.

Both networks are making colorful adjustments to the World Wrestling
Federation's switch from a 17-year run on USA Network to its new home on

Star Trek: The Next Generation is
just one of the shows for which TNN is making a bid in its post-MTV takeover
makeover, according to industry sources.

Toto, we're not in Nashville anymore.

A Trek series is about as far as it
gets from The Grand Ole Opry, TNN's
signature franchise when the network was based in, and named for, Nashville.
TNN's hokey- hick history is giving way to the MTV machine, from the mod new
hot-pink logo to the "Pop on TNN" tagline. Diane Robina, general manager of
TNN, declined to comment on the Trek deal
but said the New York-based National Network is going after a younger demo now
that it has Raw Is War, the No. 1-rated
series in cable.

Raw alone more than doubled TNN's
prime time youth quotient, especially teen-age boys. Two weeks after Raw hit TNN on Sept. 25, males 12-17 jumped 300%,
from a 0.2/18,800 to a 0.8/72,000 (cable rating/household). Men 18-24 and 18-34
doubled for the network, according to Nielsen Media Research ratings. On
Monday, Oct. 16, TNN actually had more men 18-34 for wrestling than FOX had for
the Mets-Cards game. Raw popped TNN 66% in
overall prime time ratings. In the two-week period before Raw, TNN averaged a 0.6/476,000 in prime; Raw prime (through Oct. 8) was a 1.5/1.2 million,
thanks to a 5.4 average from the wrestling franchise.

USA didn't suffer as much as TNN gained. It fell only 7% in prime, from
a 1.5/1.2 million to a 1.4/1.1 million. Predictably, most of the defectors were
teenage boys-males 12-17 dropped 50%, from a 1.8/166,600 to a 0.9/77,100.
Men 18-24 dropped 36%; men 18-34 dropped 33%. Rob Sorcher, the new executive
vice president and general manager of USA, said that
wrestling, the network is actually gaining 18-to-49s and

"These numbers tell you that wrestling was not a promotional platform
for this network," he said.

Indeed, wrestling fans are notoriously difficult to keep. TNN is
bracketing Raw with
Martial Law
, which isn't exactly "popping."

For Sorcher, who has spent most of his career programming and marketing
to children, the challenge will be to define USA without the WWF. As much as
network executives now claim the two are not synonymous, they weren't saying
that during advertising sales events early this year. USA will continue its
quest to be a general entertainment network, but one with a definite

Since Sorcher joined USA just three weeks ago, it's a little early to
speculate just what that target will be, he said, but he's already got definite
ideas about programming. USA will crank out 24 original movies in 2001,
compared to 18 this year. Cover Me
and Huntress, two original action
dramedies, have been renewed. La Femme Nikita, a fan favorite, will return
with an eight episode finale in January.