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TNN makes original moves

Shooting for 50% originals by 2005, TNN will roll out two original series this summer, with Small Shots, where ordinary people act out great events, and Lifegame, where actors play out the lives of ordinary people.

Pilots in development for future series include: a panel of experts debating speculative circumstances, like Elvis's death, in Conspiracy; a look at momentarily famous people in 15 Minutes of Fame; Survivor Susan Hawk driving comic Steve Marmel around the country on a flatbed in Pop Across America; wilderness meets cooking in Adventure Chef, and a contest of celebrity trivia in Stinkin' Rich.

TNN revamps its weekday daytime, fringe and late night programming schedule as of Jan. 22. New off-net series include The Rockford Files, Picket Fences, Miami Vice, WKRP in Cincinnati, Taxi, Newhart and The Wonder Years. TNN is also picking up 43 movies from Viacom cousin, Paramount for its first ever daytime movie franchise at 4 p.m. - Deborah McAdams