TLC builds on lifestyle franchise

The Learning Channel isn't waiting for Trading Spaces to cool off before building out
its own additions. TLC plans to debut four new lifestyle reality series through
June. Two other new shows, What Not to Wear and Faking It,
premiered last weekend.

"As other shows torture and humiliate people, we are carving out a place
where people retain their dignity," general manager Roger Marmet said.

That doesn't mean TLC's shows are stuffy, though. On Love U, slated to
debut April 11, couples will enter a marital boot camp to test their
relationships. TLC has ordered six episodes.

Engaged couples will test their relationships with For Better or
, when their family and friends get a week and $5,000 to plan the
couple's wedding. For Better or Worse, also six episodes, premieres
May 24.

On Date Squad, a format imported from the British Broadcasting Corp., a trio of experts help
makeover an unfortunate single having trouble getting dates. The 13-episode
series is slated to debut June 27.

The fourth new show, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, set for July 7,
challenges a couple in a hurry to move to pick an expert that complements their
moving style.