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TiVo taps Yudkovitz

Martin J. Yudkovitz has been named president of TiVo Inc., resigning from
his position as NBC executive vice president Wednesday.

TiVo's stock held steady on the news, up 15 cents per share to $5.95.

Yudkovitz faces the challenge of giving the personal-video-recorder manufacturer
a presence beyond the super-techy members of the TV-viewing public.

It will also have to compete with or be part of PVR deployments by cable and
satellite operators.

"Marty's joining TiVo reinforces our commitment to realizing these goals, and
his experience will help to build our business moving forward," TiVo CEO Mike Ramsay said. "His track record in developing creative partnerships that
bridge network television with new distribution channels like cable and the
Internet will be critically important to TiVo."

Yudkovitz founded NBC Digital Media in 1995, where he created strategic
partnerships, investments and the development of new businesses.

He also tackled the network's relationship with
Microsoft Corp. which led to (, ( and the merger of and MSNMoney (

Prior to that, he led the business side of NBC's 1988
Seoul Olympic Games and 1992 Barcelona Olympics telecasts.