TiVo Locks In J:Com Renewal

TiVo said it has renewed an agreement with J:COM, Japan’s largest cable operator, in the form of a multi-year license for TiVo’s G-Guide and other intellectual property.

TiVo said the new license agreement covers J:COM’s cable VOD service, and has been expanded to cover OTT subscribers accessing content on mobile devices and PCs. G-Guide is an HTML5-based guide, and an "xD" implementation is a mobile version for smartphones and tablets. 

TiVo said the agreement also extends to J:COM’s license to cover its over-the-top subsidiaries. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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TiVo manages OTT assets that are tucked into the Intellectual Ventures (IV) patent portfolio. That came into play in February 2016, when Rovi, prior to its merger with TiVo, and IV announced an agreement in which their patents and intellectual property would be managed under a unified licensing program.