TiVo Extends MoCA ‘Bridge’

TiVo is using this week’s CEDIA Expo in Dallas to introduce the TiVo Bridge, billing it as the first TiVo-branded multi-room networking adapter.

The new device is equipped with MoCA 2.0, the latest generation of Multimedia over Coax Alliance technology. The Alliance announced earlier this week that recent field tests of the speedier 2.0 version of the home networking platform achieved net data rates of 400 Mbps or more in 90% of all coaxial outlets, and net throughputs of at least 350 Mbps in 95% of paths.

At the show, TiVo will show off the Bolt, its new retail-focused DVR that’s capable of delivering 4K and includes a new SkipMode feature that lets users skip past commercial breaks on a select group of channels, including the Big Four broadcasters.