TiVo, Amazon Sell Movies Directly to TV Viewers

In a move that may miff Comcast, Verizon Communications and other pay TV providers, TiVo and Amazon.com plan to sell movies directly to TV viewers with TiVo receivers, AP reported Tuesday morning. 

TiVo and Amazon cut a deal in March that allowed TiVo subscribers with Series2 or Series3 receivers to buy movies from Amazon, but subscribers first had to download the movies to a PC before transferring them to a digitlal-video recorder. 

Under the “Buy on TV” product TiVo and Amazon launched Tuesday, subscribers will be able to buy movies with their TiVo remotes and have the films downloaded directly to their TiVo DVRs. 

Since the service will rely on high-speed-Internet connections from cable operators and telcos, it could draw the ire of broadband providers. It could also renew the debate on network neutrality. Amazon has been one of several Internet providers that have pushed for network-neutrality regulations that would prevent cable operators and telcos from limiting their ability to deliver content through their high-speed pipes.

Amazon and TiVo have already cut deals with several top Hollywood studios to supply movies for the Unbox service, including Sony Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios.