Time Warner Unifies L.A.

Time Warner Cable said it is moving quickly to integrate the systems it recently acquired from Adelphia Communications and Comcast in the Los Angeles area, boasting Tuesday that it will standardize the digital-channel lineup in the region beginning in November.

The changes will involve switching to genre-based channel lineups, the introduction of Digital Phone, new HDTV channels and additional ethnic-language launches, Time Warner said.

Its Los Angeles-area systems will adopt genre-based channel lineups, grouping networks by categories such as kids, sports, movies and HD, Time Warner said, adding that the move is designed to ease channel surfing.

The MSO said its new lineup includes 20 HD channels, one-dozen new Spanish-language channels, three additional Asian-language channels and three networks that target the African-American community.

Time Warner said it is marketing the changes through a campaign involving TV, radio, outdoor and print advertising, in addition to bill inserts and e-mail messages.