Time Warner Cable Taps Itaas For ITV Support

Time Warner Cable will outsource support for interactive TV developers writing to its Mystro platform to Atlanta-based itaas.

Developers seeking to launch applications for deployment in Time Warner Cable systems can now access the operator's Mystro Application Server (MAS) software support through itaas's istart developer program.

Under the terms of the agreement, itaas will manage the licensing, installation and upgrades for the MAS software as well as offer software development kits for Mystro Digital Navigator and OCAP Digital Navigator.

"While we have supported the Mystro Application Server install and upgrades for our development partners in the past, we are looking forward to having itaas assume this role moving forward," Time Warner Cable vice president of software engineering Sherisse Hawkins said in a statement. "We are confident in their ability to support application development on the Time Warner Cable platform."

The istart developer program also offers support for Cisco's SARA/PowerTV and OCAP Axiom, as well as the TVWorks ETV platform.