Time Warner Cable Picks Motorola To Lock Down Multiscreen TV

Time Warner Cable has selected Motorola Mobility's SecureMedia digital rights management system to encrypt linear and on-demand TV programming for delivery across a slew of devices.

The cable operator will use the SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE HLS+ solution to streamline the process of securing video encoded for multiple devices. The DRM supports smartphones, tablets, game consoles, connected TVs and Blu-Ray Disc players.

"We chose Motorola because it's the leader in content security," Mike Hayashi, Time Warner Cable's executive vice president of architecture, development and engineering, said in a statement. "We selected SecureMedia because it streamlines the way we distribute secure video to multiple devices, ensuring that our millions of subscribers can view all of the premium content they want, on the devices they want, while protecting studios' rights."

Separately, Time Warner Cable on Thursday announced it had reached an agreement with Viacom to provide the media company's cable networks across its TWC TV services for live in-home viewing, including apps for the iPad and iPhone. The deal settled a yearlong legal battle between the two companies.

SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE HLS+, the security component of Motorola's Medios suite of content-delivery software, is based on the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) adaptive streaming protocol. Features include device registration, client authentication and authorization, secure key delivery and "clone-tamper-jailbreak" detection.

The SecureMedia software has been approved by all major Hollywood studios and network broadcasters, according to Motorola.