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Time Warner Buys Into Arris CMTS Gear

Time Warner Cable signed a two-year purchasing agreement that will put Arris C4 and C3 cable-modem-termination systems into its data network.

The cable operator already outfitted several of its systems’ data grids with Arris C3 CMTS units, and the new purchase order will expand that to include the larger, higher-capacity C4 units.

The CMTS units will help to feed data connections to Time Warner’s 5.4 million high-speed-data users and 1.6 million digital-telephony customers.

With qualification stamps for PacketCable 1.1 and Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 2.0 schemes, the C4 can support as many as 52,000 cable modems or 32,000 voice-over-Internet-protocol lines per unit. It also carries early channel-bonding technology, allowing it to weld as many as four DOCSIS downstream data channels delivering 140-megabit-per-second connections.