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Three Things Sue Naegle Has Cooking

HBO President of Entertainment Sue Naegle says she is “constantly buying and thinking and developing and believing that everything that comes in is a possibility. You have to be clearly engaged and really looking at how does this work and can this work.”

To that end, she expects to order more of Entourage beyond the 10 episodes that are in production for season six, debuting this summer. She says creator Doug Ellin is not writing the end of the series in this summer's batch of episodes, but no production order has yet been made on future seasons. The future—and end—of Entourage will be a collaborative decision; Ellin and HBO execs will decide how and when to conclude the series. That could be with season seven.

HBO is redeveloping and may re-shoot Washingtonian, a female-targeted series executive-produced by Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker.

Naegle also is ordering up more group-think in her department: “I ask for a lot more togetherness. We spend time talking about the scripts, and I am interested in anyone's view as long as they can make their case."