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Thomson Video Nets Gets New Investor

Thomson Video Networks said Thursday it is getting a new strategic partner.

Private equity firm Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners (EdRIP) said it was taking an equity stake in the broadcast, cable and online video delivery company in concert with company management.

Rothschild did not say how big the stake was, but did point out that it specialized in minority stakes in private companies.

Thomson recently launched Behind Every Screen, a cloud-based/on-premises multi-platform video delivery system that combines "ingest, branding, ad insertion, encoding/transcoding, and packaging."

Sylvain Charignon, partner, Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners, called Thomson an "ideal" addition to its portfolio.

For its part, the company says the investment will boost its effforts in over-the-top, IPTV, Web-based and cloud-based content delivery.

Thomson's video transcoder for over-the-top, cable, and telcos also just received an IBC 2014 Best of Show Award from TV Technology Europe. (Like Multichannel News and B&C, TV Technology Europe is part of NewBay Media's portfolio).