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The Watchman: Saget Goes to Nashville, Jack Ryan Flyin’ Again, Rocketeer Reboots

CMT’s Nashville Squares starts Nov. 1 on, yes, CMT. Bob Saget hosts the show, which puts a country twist on Hollywood Squares.

Saget has long been a fan of country, and lists Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Chris Stapleton among those he adores. “I’ve played a lot of country music over the years,” he said, including an original track he performs on the show.

Saget does a lot of ad lib-bing from the host podium. “I just love talking to people, riffing, having fun,” he said. “We hardly play the game — it’s just a lot of screwing around.”

Guest stars include Carson Cressley, Gary Busey, Kyle Busch and Tanya Tucker. Busey makes his mark. “After all he’s been through, he has not lost his sense of ego or volume,” said Saget. “Gary doesn’t need a mic.” Also on Nov. 1, it’s season two of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon. John Krasinski plays Ryan, star of countless Clancy novels. Brad Fuller, executive producer, was pleased with how season one landed. “So many people have so much love for Tom Clancy — and for Jack Ryan,” he said.

Fuller promises “big action sequences” and compelling characters, including Ryan and Wendell Pierce’s Greer. Ryan shifts from anxious analyst to bad guy-bashing biggie in season one. Season two “tests his moral compass,” said Fuller, as Ryan seeks revenge.

Krasinski was the producers’ first choice. “We never wanted anyone else for that role,” said Fuller, who calls the actor “eminently watchable.” As in, “whatever he does on screen, I’m interested,” added Fuller. Also offering high-flying action, The Rocketeer begins on Disney Junior Nov. 8. The animated series is based on the 1991 film and comic book series of the same name. Billy Campbell played the fly guy in the movie, and portrays main character Kit’s father in the show.

Executive producer Nicole Dubuc is pumped to have Campbell on board. “It’s really hard not to be a fangirl,” she said. “He gives great authenticity to the project.”

Kitana Turnbull voices Kit. Her best bud Tesh invents the high-tech gadgets that help her fly and provides ground control support. Her grandfather is her mechanic.

“We tried to lean into the touch-points of the comic strip and the movie,” said Dubuc. “We hope to start a whole new generation of fans with this.”

The Rocketeer is a mix of comedy and adventure. With kids on a wild ride, there are shades of The Goonies in it. “The storytelling is deeply rooted in the ’80s,” Dubuc said.

The premiere sees Kit get her helmet on her birthday, and her grandfather passes along the rocket pack. “If only my birthday was ever that great,” lamented Dubuc.