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The Watchman: CNBC Goes Bowling, While Discovery Overhauls Autos

CNBC Renovates Bowling Alleys …

Five Day Biz Fix, starring Chrissy and Erik Kopplin as they take on super-challenging business renovations and turn them around in, as the title suggests, five days, is underway on CNBC. The married couple overhauls a Manhattan hair salon, Brooklyn bookstore and New Jersey bowling alley. The season premiere has the pair converting a New York hotel room into a sushi restaurant.

Fun, stressful stuff. If you’re seeking to overhaul your business, check it out. “You don’t have to invest a large amount of money in a design or renovation to bring in new customers or increase your revenue,” Chrissy said. “Erik and I provide simple and effective ways for owners to reimagine their business, resulting in increased sales and new revenue streams.”

Chrissy is a designer and Erik is a builder. “We are opposites when it comes to our talent and skills,” said Chrissy. “We both think we are the boss, which leads to a very entertaining show.”

The most satisfying project in the new season is the bowling alley, according to Chrissy. “Through our reinvention, owner Rich was able to regain pride in his business, which gave him the confidence to raise his rates — rates that had not been raised in almost 10 years,” Chrissy said. “With our renovation, he not only raised his rates, but we were able to bring in new revenue streams through his snack counter and new game room.”

… While Discovery Overhauls Autos

A new season of Twin Turbos revs up on Discovery on Monday, Dec. 9. A father-and-son team creates some of the most innovative custom cars you’ve ever seen. If it sounds a wee bit like American Chopper, only with cars, well, it’s not. The Teutuls of American Chopper bicker constantly. Doug and Brad DeBerti of Twin Turbos get along well.

“They have a really heartfelt relationship,” said Kyle Wheeler, executive producer. “They’re best friends who respect and love each other.”

But wouldn’t viewers rather watch a father and son snipe and gripe? Wheeler doesn’t think so. “I think our audience looks to Twin Turbos to escape,” he said.

Doug and Brad work on what they call the Transformer Truck this season. It looks like a standard pickup, but the DeBertis hide all the storage within the body with some truly creative adjustments. Transformer Truck is a fun YouTube watch.

“You think it’s a normal truck, but it’s more than meets the eye,” Wheeler said.

The season also depicts the pair pondering whether to stay a modest father-and-son operation or expand to meet the considerable demand for their unique services. “Are they happy with their lives,” said Wheeler, “or are they willing to take a risk?”

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