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Terayon Rolls Out Wireless Gear

Terayon Communication Systems Inc. Monday launched a wireless-home-networking module.

The vendor said its “Wx-54G” cable-modem extension -- an external add-on device for the company’s “TJ 700x” series of Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification cable modems -- “will enable cable-television operators to simply and cost-effectively deploy bundled high-speed-data and wireless-home-networking packages.”

“By deploying the Wx-54G wireless-home-networking extension in conjunction with new or existing Terayon modems, operators can add a new application layer that increases the marketability and the 'stickiness' of the high-speed-data service,” Terayon vice president and general manager of home-access solutions Joseph Benigno said in a prepared statement.

“Equally important, the unified solution provides a single point of customer support for cable operators and their customers that combinations of DSL [digital subscriber line] and retail wireless-home-networking routers cannot match,” he added.