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Telling You Love Me More Often

Home Box Office is giving viewers a chance to tell the network about its adult drama Tell Me You Love Me.

Part of a multi-media, interactive platform surrounding the series -- which takes a very intimate and often graphic look at the sex lives of four couples  -- an area on the network’s Web site ( now features comments from five real-life couples about the series and about their own views on issues like infidelity, lack of intimacy an infertility. 

As the 10-episode series progresses, these couples -- through the “Tell Me About Tell Me You Love Me” video segments -- will continue to talk about who on the show they relate to most and why, adding to their impressions of the show’s characters as they go through different crossroads in their lives.

The segments will also air on HBO On Demand on Mondays, alongside related Tell Me You Love Me episodes. 

In a side-to-side interactive experience, community members will also be able to submit their own thoughts and share their stories in written and video format, as well as grab-video segments to start their own blog discussions.

 The group segments will also be available via HBO Podcasts, downloadable via or Apple’s iTunes Music Store.

This past Sunday, the series’ second episode premiere drew only 793,000 viewers, well below the disappointing 910,000 viewers for the series’ Sept. 9 debut. HBO did increase its audience for the first show by more than three times to 3.1 million cume viewers once seven weekly repeat airings were factored in. That total excluded viewers tuning in on the HBO on Demand service.