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Teletrax To Monitor AP Video

Associated Press has signed a deal to use Teletrax to track the airing of its video-news footage on cable and broadcast TV worldwide.

Teletrax, a global-broadcast intelligence company, entered into a multi-year agreement with AP to monitor the wire service’s video footage on a real-time, story-specific basis globally on TV outlets.

AP wants to ensure that use of its content is consistent with its licensing terms. The Teletrax service, which is used by ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS, is a tool for AP to monitor all use of its video – both licensed and unlicensed – and lets the organization understand what video customers are airing and when. 

 AP has previously used the Teletrax service on a month-to-month basis under terms similar to the new agreement.    

 “Preventing unauthorized use of AP's content is of the utmost importance, in order to safeguard AP's news investments and the rights of legitimate licensees,” Srinandan Kasi, the wire service’s vice president and general counsel, said in a prepared statement. “The Teletrax service will give us important automated capabilities to monitor usage and enforce rights to AP broadcast content.”

Teletrax currently maintains a proprietary network of detectors that monitors the television broadcasts of nearly 1,500 channels from more than 50 nations, including all 210 markets in the United States, representing all measured U.S. television households. Its international network covers television stations across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, South and Central America, and Canada.