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Telemundo Debuts Ad Platform Geo-Targeting Hispanics

Telemundo Media and Comcast Spotlight are teaming on a new advertising platform that enables marketers to geo-target Hispanic households across multiple screens with customized messages on general-market cable services.

Telemundo+, a product of Hispanics at NBCU, has signed several clients upon the program's launch, including Toyota. Hispanics at NBCU offers advertisers an opportunity to reach Hispanics across the spectrum of English, Spanish and bilingual homes and acculturation using marketing and media executions on various NBCU platforms.

Working with Comcast Media 360, the Comcast Spotlight business unit formed to help marketers utilize multi-screen advertising opportunities, Telemundo Media's media program identifies high concentrations of U.S. Hispanic households at various acculturation levels. Tapping this data and Comcast Media 360's ability to distribute TV, online, video on demand and mobile advertising to select geographic areas, advertisers can effectively and efficiently reach these expanding consumer segments.

Telemundo+ will measure the effectiveness of the ads by designing, developing and delivering customized studies. The studies will drive measurement beyond traditional metrics to measure the impact of the media strategy.

"As the Hispanic population continues to grow, so does our ability to reach them," said Dan Lovinger, executive vice president of advertising sales and integrated marketing, in a statement. "Comcast Spotlight's breadth of general market cable networks and geo-targeting capabilities combined with the national scope of Telemundo Media increases advertisers' reach across the full spectrum of Hispanic audiences. This innovative relationship with our parent company provides advertisers the ability to customize their messages for different U.S. Hispanic audiences in a way that has not been possible before."

Noted Andrew Ward, group vice president, Comcast Media 360: "The ability to supplement an advertiser's national marketing effort with an overlay that is well suited to the demographics of a selected geographic area, down to the neighborhood level, supported by custom analytics, is another way we're able to bring innovation to the advertising community."