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TCA: They Came, They Saw, They Brought the Yuks

“Dammit, he got out of doing press tour—and I’d like a case of chardonnay over the holidays.”
—CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler on her first reaction to Steve McPherson’s departure from ABC

“I’m super-unprepared. I’ve been on the job for 36 hours.”
—ABC’s Paul Lee, facing the media for the first time in his new role

“You’re assuming we’re going to have judges next year!”
Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter Rice, responding to the 378th media question about American Idol judges, all of which he stonewalled.

“Peter Rice told me I could deny that Steve McPherson will become a judge on American Idol.”
FX President and General Manager John Landgraf

“I’m so sick of Betty White. Never liked her.”
A joking (we think) Cloris Leachman of Raising Hope

“My husband snorts, he farts, he pisses on the seat. The toilet seat, that is. It doesn’t annoy me. If he was sleeping with a roomful of women, that would annoy me.”
—The Talk’s Sharon Osbourne, on husband Ozzy

“I’ve followed in the shoes of David Letterman and Conan O’Brien, and one thing I’ve learned is hosting Late Night is a one-way ticket to not hosting The Tonight Show.”
—NBC’s Jimmy Fallon

“I know it’s 148 characters… I don’t Twitter. I can’t even remember my password name. So, I have problems with electronics.”
William Shatner of $#*! My Dad Says, which was adapted from a Twitter feed