TBS Unveils GameTap TV

Turner Broadcasting System has revised its subscription-based broadband gaming service GameTap to include a video-on-demand section called GameTap TV. It has also lowered the subscription fee from $14.95 to $9.95 per month.

GameTap TV will feature some 250 videos-on-demand (the original programming section had gone by the name “Mediaplex.”). Areas – or “channels” – on the GameTap TV site will include the OnTap channel, a guide to programs on the service; GameTap Originals channel; original programs such as a gaming reality show and teaching series; and Music channel, a series featuring musicians linked to videogames.

TBS launched the gaming site in October, hoping to extend the revenue window for videogames. GameTap, according to TBS, now offers some 400 videogames that subscribers can download over a broadband connection.