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TBS Goes Down Under

TBS has slated its second reality competition show for a June 22 debut.

Outback Jack, from reality producer Bruce Nash (Meet My Folks, Who Wants To Marry My Dad?), is an 8-episode series in which 12 women are asked to compete in the wilds of Australia to woo and win their own personal Crocodile Dundee. Think of it as "Sex and the Country" to complement the channel's acquisition of off-HBO Sex and the City. TBS' first reality competition, House Rules, aired last fall.

The Down-Under hunk the ladies will be hankering for is one Vadim Dale, described as an avid bike racer, white water rafter, skydiver and medalist in judo, karate, swimming, grappling, football (Australian rules, we assume), and horseback riding.

No word on whether there will be any Outback Steakhouse product tie-ins, though it would seem a natural pitch.