Taste of victory

KCBS-TV Los Angeles was a big winner in the Associated Press' annual Broadcast Awards, taking two national prizes for its undercover investigation into unsafe food-handling practices at Southern California supermarkets. The series, "Shop at Your Own Risk," was chosen Best Television Enterprise Reporting and received AP's Award of Excellence as "the most compelling entry from all categories."

It's the second year in a row that the CBS-owned station has won both awards. Last year, the station followed up on its headline-grabbing series on unhealthy restaurant practices by showing health inspectors soliciting bribes to subsidize lavish lifestyles.

Also winning an AP award, for Spot News Coverage, was Denver's KCNC-TV, for a compilation of its coverage of the Columbine High School horror. "In the wake of the tragedy," AP said in presenting the award, "reporters and photographers were able to capture the range of emotions and the human side of the story."

AP was scheduled to present the awards last Friday night in Minneapolis at the Radio-Television News Directors Association annual convention.

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