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Tandberg, Arroyo Network on DVR

Tandberg Television and Arroyo Video Solutions Inc. joined forces on solutions for network digital-video recording and video-on-demand advertising.

The two vendors said enhancements to Tandberg's “Xport Producer” encoding solution and “OpenStream Digital Services Platform” and to Arroyo's “Arroyo OnDemand” video-networking software will enable operators to deploy network-DVR service simply and quickly.

Tandberg and Arroyo added that they are demonstrating how their solution will offer subscribers the ability to watch TV content in the on-demand format starting just seconds after it airs at the National Show Sunday-Tuesday in Atlanta.

As for on-demand advertising, the companies said, enhancements to Tandberg's “AdPoint On-Demand Advertising” platform and “OpenStream Digital Services Platform” and Arroyo's “OnDemand VOD” system “allow fresh ads to be dynamically placed into each VOD program, using targeting to increase the value of each ad avail and enabling operators to sell ad avails in the same program to different advertisers every time it airs.”

"Now fresh ads can be inserted into VOD programs on the fly, providing new targeting and reporting capabilities to advertisers and increasing advertising revenues by enabling much more effective campaigns," Tandberg senior vice president of marketing and business development Braxton Jarratt said in a prepared statement.